đŸŽ¯Owl Vision & Values

Our Vision

We envision The Owl Collective ("The Owls") to be

  1. An entry point for people to a welcoming community and the world of Algorand NFTs.

  2. An omnipresent collection of NFTs that are referenced by, or connected to, other NFT projects.

  3. A community that never ceases to push the boundaries of the Algorand Blockchain.

Note: The Owl Collective, or The Owls, refers to the 3 NFT Projects created by AlgoTheOwl and housed under The NFT Collection.

Our Values

Be Compassionate

We treat everyone we encounter with compassion, seeing the humanity behind their problems and experiences.

Be Constructive

The Owl Collective is always open to good, well-thought-out, feedback/criticism. We are always looking for ways to improve the community as well as The Owls!

Be Curious

We challenge our own and others' assumptions through qualitative and quantitative research. Not sure about an idea? Test it.

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